Rating: 4 Stars
The Tefal Avanti Classic is available in a plastic outer casing. There is also an Avanti Royal model which is the same, but is available in stainless steel. The latter costs approximately £20-£30 more.

The Avanti front panel appears very busy with lots of buttons and levers, and the design is functional rather than stylish. Although, the manner in which the four slots are tilted towards you, makes it easy to access especially when stored under overhead cupboards.

Like most toasters, each pair of slots has its own separate control. Think of it as two toasters stuck together. The browning dials don't exude a well built feel and instead seem slightly loose and low cost.  The buttons have a lack of feel when pressed, but they do illuminate so this should help. Most of the usual features found in toasters are present, with buttons for reheating and frozen bread. There is no single side bagel mode.

The extra levers in the middle are a nice addition for lifting out small items. Coupled with the easy access slots, the Tefal Avanti is a good choice for those that like crumpets and muffins.

The slots on Avanti are 40mm wide, which are quite wide and should be able to accommodate even the thickest of slices. It does seem to take a while to toast the bread, although this probably depends on the way you like your toast to be. It took us roughly two and a half minutes.

The Avanti does quite well at toasting the bread. Both of the slices were evenly toasted except for a small corner. This is probably due to the angled design. The toast was slightly crispier when compared to other models, but again this is probably down to individual taste.

Like most toasters, crumbs can start to build up so some shaking might be needed to loosen them so that it falls into the crumb tray. The tray could have been slightly deeper we feel.

The Tefal Avanti is a solid buy for its price point especially so if purchasing the Tefal Avanti Classic which is cheaper. Some thought has been put in the design of the toaster to help with tight spaces, and the angled slots and extra lift really do make a difference. The toasting results are good, and don't give any cause for concern at all. 
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