Rating: 4 Stars
Portable speakers come in many shapes and sizes, and now Sony has come up with the SRS-X3 Portable Wireless Speakers which have a 'Distinctive Outline' design. It's a rectangular shaped box with slightly sloped edges, and the shape is distinctive in the way you wouldn't mistake it for another shape! The front and rear grilles are metal, whilst the top and sides have a rubbery plastic and the edges are made from a hard plastic. It's a safe design that works well, and is unobtrusive.

This is a clever little box that offers about 7hrs battery life, Bluetooh 2.1 connectivity, 3.5mm input and Near Field Communication for easy pairing. A microphone is also included. There is a plethora of buttons that include: power, volume, audio in, answer call and bluetooth pairing and Sound Mode. This is similar to an equaliser setting for a wider sound stage, and you definitely notice a difference with this switched on.

For those that like a bit of bass, there are two passive radiators - one at the front and one at the back. This is definitely a bonus as most portable speakers either don't have any, or only have one! The two 34mm drivers are driven by a 10W amplifier.

The sound is dynamic, full of energy and quite powerful for a little thing. The bass is pronounced and adds weight without being over bearing to the rest of the frequency range.

These Sony SRS-X3 speakers have a sense of presence, and the sound never seems like it's coming from a little box. There is a nice scale to the sound. When you turn the volume up to silly levels they do struggle, but we don't think you need to do that anyway as they are loud enough. These speakers are made for open spaces.

The SRS-X3 weighs in at a very portable 850g, and comes with its own foldable carry case. However, the SRS-X3 are not waterproof, and whilst the build quality is strong, the paint on the metal grilles can chip quite easily. In a nutshell, you have to be careful when and where you use it.

The Sony SRS-X3 is an excellent bit of kit. It is feature packed, and offers a sweet punchy sound. The build quality is more than adequate for most situations and you can move it about and take it with you without feeling silly. We like it.

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