Siper Elite 3 Review
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Anyone who has played the previous incarnation in the series probably are not too excited at the release of a new addition to the series. “Sniper Elite V2” had a few issues that made it far from a great game. It was by no means an awful game, but for all its glorious aesthetics, it became very repetitive very quickly and offered nothing for players to come back to long-term.

Fortunately, the series has had an overhaul and has omitted the stiff game play a much more fun game has been introduced.

The first and most popular attraction is undoubtedly the x-ray vision cams. When a player fires a shot, they will see the journey of the bullet start to finish. Whether it hits the enemy’s skull, eyeballs or lungs, players will see the path of destruction in its completeness.

The game isn’t gruesome for the sake of being gruesome and offers a great deal of complexity. Despite the bloody violence found in the title, this isn’t your typical run-and-gun affair, in fact, the game prefers you to carry out your missions quietly and precisely.

Protagonist Karl Fairburne is not your armour covered super soldier, he takes damage, and if spotted he takes it quickly. In this regard, Fairburne must make his way through World War II North Africa using his initiative as well as the background noise to mask gunfire.

If players do break stealth, there is no penalty, other than an abundance of enemies on your tail once they have confirmed your location. The graphics are pleasant to look at, and while nothing ground breaking, they complement the game well.

The artificial intelligence of the guard can sometimes be humorous. For example if you hide away from a guard and they try and find you, they will give up walk away in a matter of minutes like you were never there in the first place.

The game also employs an “Authentic Mode” that has the player making their way through the game with no saves, threat radars or aiming aids, at an attempt to a more authentic approach. This mode makes things a little more exciting, knowing that you could be exposed and killed at any time.

Overall, the game is fun for those who enjoy taking the role of military personnel and discreetly shooting their way through enemies from a distance. What the games does it does well, in this case emulating the role of a sniper, other than that, it offers little for those who may be looking for the gunfire-filled antics of “Battlefield” or “Call of Duty.”

The graphics are pretty, if sometimes glitchy but the game’s biggest downside is the artificial intelligence that rather swings the title away from its realistic tone. If you are looking to kill a few weekends with some straightforward shootings, then Sniper Elite 3 will provide that, and of course, Sniper fans will be ecstatic with the improvements made to the franchise.

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