Plantronics BackBeat FIT Headphones Review
Rating: 4 Stars
The Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless Bluetooth headphones aims to solve some of the issues that fitness loving people face, especially if they are a bit of an audiophile. Sweat, loose earphones and trailing wires are often a bane for music loving fitness people.

The BackBeat FIT is available in green or blue, with a flexible neckband design and a reflective finish. It is an open-ear design so the outside world is not completely blocked out, and instead allows some noises to seep in. In our experience, many people find the added airflow a more comfortable experience and does somewhat result in a more natural listening experience.

The headphones hook over each ear and there is hardly any movement. The rubberised loop helps with stability and comfort too. The headphones are a snug fit, and even with a few different types of cardio exercises the FIT did very well. It is also worth noting that the sweat proofing did an admiral job too, courtesy of the p2i liquid repellent coating.

The headphones feel quite light in use, and weigh in at 24 grams. The rubberised material feels solid. If you wear clothing with collars, you might find that the BackBeat FIT has a tendency to snag slightly if you tilt your head back.

A neoprene smartphone armband is included, and this doubles up as a storage pouch for the headphones. Although, you can't really use or see your smartphone screen when it's in the armband.

The BackBeat FIT have a good, pretty decent sound quality. Mid-rand and High frequency sounds were clear, rich and vibrant. There is a distinct lack of bass in our listening experience, and this may be due to the 50Hz frequency limit. The FIT headphones can be turned up high without worrying about excessive sound leakage.  In very noisy environments, you may find yourself pushing the ear buds that little bit further in.

As the BackBeat FIT are Blutooth wireless, you don't have to worry about getting them tangeld or catching them when you are using your favourite gym equipment. The range is approximately 10m, so as long as you are roughly this distance away from your phone or MP3 player, you shouldn't have any problems with media streaming to your FIT headphones.

Power is provided by the non-removable Lithium-ion battery which last for about 8 hours (if listening) or 6 hours (if talking). The right hand earbud is used to accept or reject calls, whilst the left earbud can be used for playing, pausing, skipping tracks and adjusting the volume. The headphones take about 2.5 hours to charge fully via a micro USB connection.

The Plantronics BackBeat FIT are not cheap, and some may have real gripes with the price. Sport headphones are often an extra pair to supplement your favourite earphones whilst you go through your fitness regime. However, if a secure fit and sweat proofing are important considerations, along with the need to have a better than mediocre audio experience, then the BackBeat FIT may be ideal as a good, solid contender.
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