Panasonic MC-CL934 Bagless Vacuum Review
Rating: 3.5 Stars
The Panasonic MC-CL934 is Panasonic's only bagless cylinder vacuum in its current product line up. The MC-CL934 promises to offer high power and continuous high suction via its Eco-Max motor and 3D Inducer Fan, whilst using less energy.

Panasonic claim that the unique hourglass shape combined with dust compression technology allows the MC-CL934 to compress 33% more dust than a standard bagless canister. The vacuum itself looks quite bold with the vivid inner green colour combined with the black bodywork. The large rear wheels and the short wheel base assists with manoeuvrability.

What's included?

A washable HEPA filter is good news for allergy sufferers and helps save money on replacement filters. A standard head with a drop down brush for hard floors is included, along with a crevice nozzle and dusting brush. These are both stored under the excellently designed handle, which helps enormously when changing the heads. The handle has a telescopic tube extender, which saves storage space and the need to fit together separate tubes but it does limit the reach considerably. The Panasonic MC-CL934 does not have a rotating brush tool.

How does it do?

The MC-CL934 is quite responsive and can be easily moved about on all types of floors. This is due to the large rear wheels, short wheel base and 8.7kg weight. On carpets, you will need a strong arm to manoeuvre the cleaning head as the high suction power has a tendency to almost snag the head on the floor.

We tested a variety of different substances to test the vacuum out. This included talcum powder, bread crumbs, crushed biscuits, trampled cereal and more. The Panasonic MC-CL934 vacuum did extremely well and removed all visible mess from both carpet and hard floor. It even worked competently right up to the edges of skirting in a very pleasing fashion. The main thing we found was that you don't need to use lots of passes to clean an area thoroughly, between 1-3 is normally more than sufficient. This high level of cleaning is probably down to the high power motor. 

On the stairs.

The MC-CL934 falls slightly short on stair cleaning. The main downside is the hose is not long enough and only reaches about half way up an average flight of stairs. It is light enough to carry, but you shouldn't have to. A dedicated stair tool is also not included. Using the main brush, what it does clean, it cleans well with the help of some manoeuvring. It's satisfactory but the Panasonic could have done better on stair cleaning.

Coping with pet hair.

The Panasonic MC-CL934 does not have a rotating brush or turbo mode, which in our experience helps immensely with removing pet hair. Using a mixture of long and short pet hair, it took a good while to clear up all the hair in a small circle. We counted it as nearly a minute or so. The pet hair seemed to get spread out over a larger area as we tried to go over it again to remove it, and seemed to get caught up in the cleaning head. Unfortunately, this model may not be a sensible choice if you have pets, especially those that moult a lot.


The Panasonic MC-CL934 is a powerful, good looking and easy to manoeuvre vacuum with a decent 1.5 litre capacity. It copes very well with hard floors and cleans well on carpets. However, the limited reach and the poor performance with pet hair means it may not be the ideal vacuum for those that have pets or prefers stairs to be cleaned easily.
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