LG G2 Mini Review
Rating: 4 Stars
You will have no doubt noticed the number of middle and low-end mobile devices being introduced into the market. These devices operate with the basic functions of a smartphone for a fraction of the price. The market is slowly becoming popular as we see a number of handsets designed for the market pulling off some impressive specifications. Today we are looking at the LG G2 Mini, and while the phone is not as cheap as others are within the market, it is much cheaper than its G2 counterpart is.

The first thing we noticed is that the G2 Mini has brought over quite a few aspects of its bigger brother. The first feature to be included is the placement of buttons on the back of the phone. The buttons can seem somewhat unusual at first, but they are positioned to compliment where your fingers are when you hold the phone. While not overly revolutionary, it is not a hindrance either. 

The screen, as you would expect, is smaller. The display itself is a 4.7 inches in size with an IPS display. The resolution, however has been reduced. The G2 Mini has a qHD resolution, which is 960 x 540 pixels. While it may seem quite a big sacrifice when you read it in black-and-white, it is not as bad as you would imagine. Fine text can prove to be a problem to read at certain times, so while the screen quality is very good, it could have done with a few more pixels. 

Another feature that has been carried over from the G2 is the large battery, which is  2440mAh and sits behind the back cover. The price point delivers the expected feature for a middle-end phone including a Snapdragon 400 and 1GB of RAM. There is also 8GB of storage that can be expanded via the Micro SD card slot. 

The LG G2 Mini runs the Android Kitkat 4.4.2 operating system, which is skinned with LG’s Optimus User Interface. The skin is not as intrusive as others, but can sometimes get in the way if you are used to the standard operating system. The home screen can be altered to suit a user’s preference, as can the way app icons are displayed. The browsing of complex web pages can result in the phone in running a little slow as can the introduction of the on-screen keyboard. 

The camera included with the LG G2 Mini is quite impressive for a mid-range phone, coming in at 8-megapixels and can generate some quality photographs. As you would expect it can't capture the amount of detail of the higher-end models and you may end up with some other saturated images, but still the overall quality is very impressive for a budget handset. 

We found the LG G2 Mini to be functional in every way it should be. Sure, there are problems here and there, but none that you wouldn’t find in any other budget model. What’s more, the LG G2 has a higher sense of quality when you use it. The LG G2 Mini certainly does not feel budget-like. If you are looking for the latest Android phone with all the features you could ask for and more, then the LG G2 Mini is not for you. However, if you are happy to make a few small sacrifices in some specifications and you are on a budget, then this may be the handset for you. 

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