Dyson Cool AM06  Review
Rating: 4 Stars
The Dyson Cool AM06 is a follow up to the Dyson Air Multiplier with a new and improved internal motor which uses less power but provides greater airflow than the previous model. The unique design remains with the absences of fan blades to prevent air buffeting. As with the previous model, the Dyson Cool AM06 still has a premium price.

The Dyson AM06 has a chunky cylinder base that houses the electronics and motor, and the hoop at the top which acts as the fan. The base is a black matt colour, while the hoop is finished in a metallic silver. It definitely looks sleek, modern and beautiful and is much more pleasing on the eye compared to traditional white desktop fans. The AM06 is also available in different colours.

The Dyson AM06 is quite flexible and is able to oscillate to cover a wider area with cool air, and is able to pivot upwards or downwards to target a certain area with cool air as well. The small bright LCD display shows the current fan power level, and will also show the countdown timer. The bright display light cannot be dimmed.

A remote control is included for the Dyson Cool. This is able to control the power, airflow level, oscillation and timer settings. It can be stored on the top of the fan, and is held in place by a magnet. The pivot facility cannot be controlled with the remote and has to be done manually.

The AM06 is surprisingly light and weighs in at 1.8kg. Its easy to pick up and move around the home or office. The 1.8m cable help with placement if power sockets are scarce. In addition, the design makes it very easy to clean. You don't have to disassemble the fan, and it really is a case of wiping it down and it's clean again and free from dust.

The Dyson Cool AM06 is able to push out 370 litres of air per second. The sensation is very different to sitting next to a traditional fan as there is no air buffeting or white noise when the air hits your ear. The AM06 instead provides a stream of cool air - its similar to sitting next to an open window and feeling a gentle breeze coming through. The Dyson works by pulling air through a grille in the base unit, forcing it through the hoop via a brushless motor and a small slit in the hoop allows the air to be blown out of the hoop and into the room. Dyson point out that this design also forces the surrounding air behind the hoop and pushes that through as well, thus the "Air Multiplier" tag.

The Dyson AM06 is remarkably quiet in operation, but not silent. The higher the setting, the more of a hum you will hear. The hustle and bustle of a busy office or the sound of kids and the television all help in masking the sound of the AM06 quite easily.

The Dyson AM06 uses 5 watts when at the lowest setting, and 24 watts electricity at the maximum setting.

The Dyson Cool AM06 is unique in terms of look. It is undoubtedly stylishly designed and could be a part of the room no matter what the weather. You won't be hiding it away when it's not needed. It is also much much quieter in use than traditional fans and for light sleepers this could be a major plus point. The AM06 simply works. It's not a gimmick and does a sterling job. However, it is not cheap and with the price tag of approximately £230 it is not an impulse buy, and some may be put off with that price. If you buy it, there is a strong chance that you will not be disappointed. 

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