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In many ways, Nokia’s bounce back into some semblance of popularity was heralded in by the release of the Nokia Lumia line. Here’s an honest look at the great, the good, and the bad about owning a Nokia Lumia 630. The Nokia Lumia 630 is surprisingly affordable too.

Nokia Lumia with Windows 8.1

In many ways, the Nokia Lumia 630, as well as any of the Lumia line, are somewhat unique in the fact that they are popular, but still run a Windows mobile phone operating system. It runs a Windows 8.1 phone operating system, which can take some time to get used to if you are new to the OS, but is generally easy to manoeuvre around. The good news about this is that the OS definitely is easier to work with than Android, and that you still get a good amount of popular apps. However, not all apps are available for Windows phones. Even so, you still get to enjoy almost every popular app on the market with your Nokia Lumia 630.
The really good news about the Windows 8.1 OS, along with its installation with the Nokia Lumia 630, is that you really don’t get any glitches. The Lumia 630’s hardware is good enough to run most, if not all games, pretty seamlessly. Apps on the market seem to run perfectly fine, and things seem to be as good as they can be for the 512 MB of RAM that is afforded to each phone. Not too shabby, Lumia.

Old School Design, New School Feel

For many people who miss the feeling of having a solid, old school phone, the Nokia Lumia will be a pleasant compromise. This midsized phone does have a modern smart phone look with a little bit of heft to it. All the buttons, including the camera and power buttons, are located conveniently on the side. It has a slick, sensitive touch screen. And, it comes with a built-in grip on the back of the phone, so you don’t have to worry about the gross feeling of phone plastic. A lack of visible micro sim slots and data slots make it look a tad bit more modern, and the overall lack of physical soft keys gives the entire phone an impression of sleekness. Compared to its rivals from Motorola, or even the ZTE, the Nokia Lumia 630 wins out on its ergonomic, sleek design.

Screen And Resolution

The Nokia Lumia 630 is, in many ways standard or above standard for inexpensive smart phones. It has a classic 4.5 inch screen, which is large enough for easy viewing and navigation, and small enough to still fit in your hand comfortably. It gives you ample room to type on your Windows 8.1 keyboard, but still makes it easy to pull down the notifications screen with the touch of a finger.

It is worth mentioning that there are some issues that some customers may dislike about the Nokia Lumia 630’s display. At times, there is a bluish hue to the Nokia’s black colours, but that’s barely noticeable. Overall, the colouring is pretty good. The LCD screen is somewhat recessed compared to others, which in turn makes the colours less washed-out, and brightness less diminished.

Perhaps the biggest issue people may find with the Nokia Lumia 630 is the fact that it is not a high resolution phone. At a 854 x 480 pixels rating, the Nokia Lumia 630 can cause some apps to lose detail. This resolution is actually below the standard set by earlier versions, and also way below the standard for Android phones. Worse, the Windows OS does actually highlight how blocky the resolution can be. People who are exceptionally rigid about their phone resolution standards might want to look at another Lumia. However, most people will not have too much issues with the phone display, especially at this price point.

The Camera

For a low-end phone, the Nokia Lumia 630 is pretty standard in what you can expect to receive. Each Lumia comes with a 5 mega pixel rear camera. There’s no flash available, nor a front facing camera for selfies. It’s not a fast camera by any means, however it’s generally good enough to get the job done for the most rudimentary of needs.

Basic as it is, the Nokia Lumia 630 does what it can with it. There’s a lot of automatic processing that goes with it, which means that you do end up with sharper, brighter colours than the average budget camera phone. Picture quality from the Nokia Lumia is visibly better than competitors along the lines of the Motorola G or E. It doesn’t have HDR treatment, which is disappointing, but the truth is that results with the camera are pretty decent.

Battery Life And The Rest

The best thing about the Nokia Lumia 630, aside from its very affordable price, is the fact that it actually holds its charge very well. Unlike some models, which tend to eat up battery life in a heartbeat, you can actually go for a day without charging the Lumia 630 and still expect to see a light from your phone in the morning. Charging takes a short amount of time (relatively), and it’s generally an easy to work with phone in this case. It’s also very durable.

The bottom line about the Nokia Lumia 630 is that it’s a sleek, rugged, and overall pretty decent budget phone option. It runs apps with ease, can take decent photos, and also can hold a battery charge longer than the average budget phone. That’s why we love it, and suggest it for users on a budget.

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