Linksys WRT1900AC Smart Wi-Fi Router Review
This new router is based on Linksys´s best ever selling router. It is packed with a lot of great features. It also fits in the category of AC1900 routers.

Linksys don't really give away a lot of information about the chipset, but what we do know is that the chipset is made by Marvell, with a faster CPU and supposedley more performance benefits than other routers.

The router includes a USB/eSATA split port and a USB 3.0 port. The WRT1900ACT only has four Gigabit Ethernet ports. Considering that this router is quite large, there should´ve been more of those ports.

To compensate for that, it has Gigabit WAN, WPS and WPA/WPA2 security and IPv6 and VPN support. It can also operate in bridge or repeater mode.

I have to say that the design of the router is not as good as its features. It is a little bit too big and weighs in at a monstorus 2.2kg! It is one of the heaviest routers in the market. The outer design might be crude, but it is very tough and solid. You won´t need to be careful while handling it because it is as solid as a rock, with rubber feet that will make it stay in place and the antennas are sturdier than most others.

And don´t worry about the router getting too hot, the inner design is better. Linksys decided to incorporate an inside fan to prevent heating. There are many opinions about this feature, some say it was unnecesary and will only make useless noise, while others think it is a good idea. We like the fan.

In regards to the performance of the router, Linksys deserves a standing ovation. It is one of the fastest routers at 2m and 10m line of sight and 15m behind two walls.

It also has an amazingly fast USB network performance,, over USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 it handled 32.8MBps and 30.7 MBps which makes it about 10% faster than the R7000 router.

So, analyzing the router there is only one question left: Is the router worth buying? Yes, it is an extremely good router. The design may be not incredible, but it is preferable to have great performance than a great design. Who would want a nice looking router that doesn't deliver on performance? Certainly not us, and make no mistake, this router does deliver amazingly fast speeds.

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