A tweet from Xbox figurehead, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb confirms that the anticipated Xbox One update has started to roll out. The update will feature more granular audio controls, meaning users can now select individual volume levels for apps that are displayed on the Xbox One’s main display.  This basically means that if a user is chatting on Skype, but also playing a game, the volume can be turned down within the game so users are able to hear the conversation within Skype.

The new update will also see a new feedback tool included.  The feedback tool will automatically send information to Microsoft from a user’s Xbox One. Microsoft claims that the update is not in place to spy on gamers, but rather to collect audio samples in order to improve their voice recognition software. Users are not obligated to use the feedback tool, with participation being completely voluntary. Settings to use the feature can be adjusted accordingly within the Privacy and On-line Safety options in Settings.

The update will be rolled out gradually, so if you've not received the update yet, you can expect to see it sometime soon. According to Hyrb, the update should be available to everyone by early next week.  Microsoft has adhered to a monthly schedule in relation to Xbox One updates. In the past few months updates have helped improve changes to the user-interface with new options, as well as the addition of Twitch streaming.  
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