The Kinect-less version of the console will be available for purchase worldwide from 9 June. The price difference will see the console retail for £350 in the U.K. This now puts the game console in the same price league as the Sony PlayStation 4

The decision to separate the two is thought to be behind Microsoft’s strategy to offer their consumers more options.  The Kinect will be available separately later on in the autumn for gamers who wish to add the peripheral at a later date. 

The Kinect was first launched in 2010 and translates the movement of a player into an on-screen action. In addition to this, the Kinect allows users to control the apps with gesture control and voice command as opposed to using a remote or gaming pad. Microsoft will split the two devices due the feedback from fans. 

“The decision wasn't made by ourselves” Yusuf Medhi, head of Xbox business strategy, said. He added that the sensing abilities peripheral made the Xbox One a “differentiated offering.” He went on to say that he was proud that the Kinect was a core part of the value proposition of the Xbox One.

Reports within the media believe the move is to boost sales of the Xbox One. There are also plans for viewers to be able to watch video channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Twitch and YouTube without having to purchase an Xbox Live account, which currently is a requirement to view an online service. 

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