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Blending has found its way into many lifestyles, especially for those of us deciding to take up a healthy lifestyle. For people who find themselves on the go regularly, it can be hard to fit in time to make smoothies to complement our new found health kick.  Today we take a look at the Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender built with a busy lifestyle in mind. 

The first thing to note is how light and portable the blender is, so it really lives up to its personal tag. When testing the blender we found it was more than able to handle both light and moderate blending tasks. The blender weighs 2.3 kilograms and its size means that it is compact and light enough to use without feeling tired quickly, as well as taking up very little room when stored in the kitchen. 

The Breville Blend-Active comes complete with bottles to carry your blended beverages, so it means less washing up and also means that you can take your beverage out with you as soon as it is blended. The machine can also be easily dismantled for cleaning.  It is dishwasher safe, again making the whole cleaning process very easy. The bottles themselves can hold a fair amount of liquid, holding up to 600ml and complete with a lid that can be easily locked. The bottles are stern and we found that there was no leakage from the bottles regardless of how rough and bumpy journeys were when carrying the bottles around with us. 

When we blended drinks and smoothies using more awkward ingredients, we found the blades stayed sharp and responsive. Despite being a personal blender, we found it up to the task of being able to blend ingredients on a regular basis without the blades becoming blunt or the blender’s performance becoming slow and lacklustre. 

The one drawback some users may find is that there is no adjustable speed when using the blender; we however didn't find this too much of a hindrance when we considered that the blender is indeed a personal one, and therefore not really designed for high maintenance kitchen blending. Those looking for a blender to carry out blending for cooking purposes may need to look elsewhere; those looking for smoothies and drinks prepared in an instant with very little effort will find the product more than covers their needs.  

Overall we found the Breville Blend-Active personal blender was more than capable of doing the task it was designed to do. Smoothies are constructed easily into the bottles which can be taken out with you instantly. We found that the cleaning of the appliance was quick and easy and is very compact and lightweight. While it won’t be designed for everyone’s method of blending, it is more than ideal for those looking for smoothies and drinks while balancing a healthy and busy lifestyle. The product is well priced for the service it delivers and carries out the task it was designed for with minimal effort. 

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