Bosch Sensixx TDA7060

Rating: 4 Stars
Selecting the right iron for your laundry can be a more daunting task than first thought, you have to ensure that the device is going to suit your needs and delivers the quality expected at the price you’re paying.  We took a look at the Bosch Sensixx DA70 Steam Iron (TDA7060GB), testing both its ironing capability of the overall specifications.  We also look at the various features the iron has, and how it can benefit consumers as well as the quality of the product overall.

Out of all the irons available, of which there are many, the Bosch Sensixx Iron stands out for a number of reasons.  The first being the quality of ironing, consumers who have shopped on a budget have no doubt found that the labour of ironing has been doubled due to lack of capabilities of the iron.  The Bosch Sensixx irons flawlessly, making the task of ironing a less daunting one.  Users will find that ironing takes a lot less time with less effort.

The iron contains a crease feature, ensuring that all clothes look smart & crease-free.  The Bosch Sensixx also contains an anti-scale feature along with an anti-drip feature to ensure excellent results are delivered.

Safety is also high on the agenda.  The Sensor Secure technology will ensure that the iron switches itself off automatically when put down.  When the iron is in use, the iron will quickly heat up again.

The iron will set itself to one temperature, meaning that users will not have to take the time to sort laundry into various piles.  The iron will eliminate creases in denim with the same setting it will iron polyester.  The iron is slightly heavy, but this only adds to the ironing power the Bosch Sensixx delivers. 

The iron is 2800 watts and delivers a steam output of 50g/min.  The shot of steam delivers 200g/min.  The Bosch Sensixx contains a water tank with a capacity of 380ml.  Variable and vertical steam is also delivered.  
Users will find the iron has a soft-grip handle for ease of use and a good 3 meters of power chord so there is ample room for you to do the ironing without any hassle.  The iron is also sturdy and well built, reassuring users that their purchase should last for some time if looked after in the correct way.

Overall there is no reason why users should find fault with the Bosch Sensixx.  The iron boasts safety features such as the automatic temperate control as well as the automatic shut off system, as well as delivering enough cord to ensure there are no potential accident risks around the home.  The plate has enamel guiding lines to make ironing effortless, along with a 3-phase layout.  

Users will also find that time is saved thanks to the capacity of water the iron can hold; although, due to the colour of the tank you cannot really gauge the amount of water that is remaining. The Bosch Sensixx Steam Iron does iron very well, regardless of the material, with minimum effort.  The build of the iron, although a little heavy, gives a strong sturdy build.  
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